Maybelline Color Show Coral Craze Nailpaint

I was bored of my existing collection of nail paints, so wanted something new and different.I got my hands on Coral Craze Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint.Here is how it looks like
It is a coral color but unique and different from the regular peach and rose color.It is shade number 211.So the day I bought it, I was eager to apply it on my nails and see how it looks.
It is not watery, consistency is good and one coat is sufficient.Finish is shiny and nice , you can see here how it looks

If you have fair skin, it would look really elegant.Even for wheatish skin, it looks nice and you can wear in your office or casual outings.Wear it with denim or black dress , to enhance your looks with this nailpaint.Subtle , nudes, pastels , neons are in this season and this is one of the must-have nail paint colors I believe.

It stays for long, this picture above was taken on the third day after I applied the nail paint and you can see only little bit from the tips has been chipped.My hunch is it will stay for a week.It took roughly 2-3 mins to dry completely, so not very quick to dry but you have to keep still and bear it for 2-3 min to get the awesome finish .

Let me know your comments/feedback, I would love to hear from you guys.

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